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Sealing Critical Applications for Industry

Die Formed rings to custom dimensions.

The Flexible Graphite division of our fluid sealing products company specializes in problem-solving extreme applications.

We have sealed high-temperature applications in valves and pumps. Industries include Aerospace, Solar, Power Generation, Refining, Geothermal, Solar, Chemical, Nuclear, Pulp and Paper, Food, Pharmaceutical, Etc. If your application is hot or needs to seal tight, Flexible Graphite should be your first thought. 

Engineered to Seal

Flexible Graphite can be formed into an infinate number of shapes. The most common are rectangular or square rings. Cup and Cone, and V-packing are also standards.

Designed to outperform

Problem solving invites innovative designs. Many of the seal designs we sell everyday evolved from the solution to a application. That solution is Flexible Graphite !

Braided Flexible Graphite seals
Better than any other packing!

For years many tried but failed to braid flexible graphite.  The problem, flexible graphite has very little tensile strength. Once fiberglass filament yarn was added, the yarn could be pulled through the braider without breaking. 

Today, braided flexible graphite is combined with other yarns such as carbon yarn, or Inconel wire for strength and pressure resistance.  We do offer styles that will meet stringent API 622 and 624 fugitive emissions standards.

Graphite Types

Custom shapes and designs are required for various industrial applications

High Pressure Seals

Meet API, and Nuclear requirements with our Valve pressure seals.  Silver Seal Replacements

Graphite Gaskets

To make the best quality, we use the best quality graphite.

Flexible Graphite combination sets

Engineered packing sets help to increase pressure resistance and met difficult sealing requirments especially high temperature applications.


Quality Industrial Seals

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